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Frequently Asked Quetions
frequently asked question
Frequently Asked Questions On MYGISTZ
Welcome to MYGISTZ Frequently Asked Questions panel. We try as much as possible to list below some frequently asked questions by our users. Kindly read carefully the list below, I am very sure you will find an answer to that very question that you have always wanted to ask about our service.

Q. What Is MYGISTZ All About?
Ans. This is a web platform where you download all kinds of files for mobile and non-mobile devices, meet and make new friends, chat and discuss with different people around the world. We cater for the needs of the growing youth all over the world by providing them with our exclusive internet freebies and information technology and tutorial lectures.

Q. How Much Does It Cost To Use MYGISTZ Web Service?
Ans. MYGISTZ do not not charge for the contents and services we render to our members, but your internet service provider may charge you for accessing the internet. We make them available for free to you as-is, rate limited, and controlled by the relevant terms of use. We will be providing more commercial terms going forward. You may use the services up to their individual standard daily rate limit in applications that comply with our usage policies.

Q. Is This Website For Male Or Female Gender?
Ans. No, this website is meant for everyone, no matter your gender, country, race or profession.

Q. What Programming Languages does MYGISTZ support?
Ans. You can use any language you like but English is highly recommended in forum and blog.

Q. Where Can I Get Help In Using MYGISTZ ?
Ans. Where do i report bugs or outages? The best way to report bugs, outages, or unexpected behavior is by sending a report to MYGISTZ head admin through the contact page or reporting through a personal message if you have an xtgem account.

Q. What Are The Guidelines And Limitations For Applications Using MYGISTZ ?
Ans. All of our web services are available for use up to the standard per-service rate limit in applications and web sites that comply with our terms of use. Many of our web services will allow certain kinds of business usage, but this can vary per-service. You can review our general usage policies for more information about what is permitted.

Q. What Are The Limits On How Much I Can Use MYGISTZ Web Services?
Ans. Access is rate-limited based on the user's ip address, and queries are limited per ip and per day. Each service may have a different access rate limit and the circumvention of these rate limits by any means is expressly forbidden under our terms of use.

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